Spring Break Safety Tips


Are you planning to go out on your spring break? Use these tips to have fun and stay safe!

Drinking & Going Out

Here are some ideas for making the best of a night out with friends drinking:

  • Above all, know the law of the country/place you are visiting. What is the drinking age and what are other rules on alcohol?  Be sure to inquire about the local laws from a reliable source.
  • It is important to eat a meal before you drink and to continue to snack while you drink. Drink plenty of water before and while you drink alcohol.
  • Know the signs of alcohol poisoning (confusion, vomiting, seizures) and to call for help when necessary.
  • Watch your drink at all times. Watch it being made, don’t set it down, and cover it while you’re moving around to avoid problems such as date rape drugs. If you do set it down unattended, throw it out and get a new one.
  • Keep friends close by and agree to watch out for each other. Make it a pact to not leave without everyone you came with and be wary of friends pairing off with strangers. Use the buddy system with those traveling with you, not with strangers you’ve just met.
  • Always have a designated driver who is not consuming any alcohol. Alcohol affects everyone differently and one drink to one person could be equal to four for another. You never know how it will alter someone’s driving capabilities – assume that it will and select a sober driver. If your driver takes a drink, call a cab.
  • Avoid drinking in extreme temperatures, especially in the sun to avoid alcohol and possible sun poisoning. Drinking dehydrates your body and these factors speed up the process. This also goes for hot tubs. It may look glamorous in music videos but in reality, the heat can lower your blood pressure and enhance the effect of alcohol on your body.
  • Create a code word between your friends to help each other realize when one of you might become uncomfortable or in danger.
  • If you choose to leave with someone you’ve met, let your friends know where you’ll be and the name of the person you’ll be with.

Sun & Fun

It is a good idea that you take precaution about the sun if you plan to spend your time at the beach or ski slopes. Here are some things to consider:

  • Wear sunscreen and lip protectant with SPF of at least 15 or higher (the more easily you burn, the higher SPF you should have).
  • Wear sunglasses, protective clothing, and hats.
  • Avoid mid-day sun; keep in mind the sun is the most intense between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated and avoid alcohol, which will dehydrate you more.
  • Note the medications you are on and how they might affect you in the sun.


Last but not least if you choose to go on a cruise during your spring break, keep these tips in mind for your safety.

  • This should be common sense, whether drunk or sober, do not attempt the Jack and Rose pose from the Titanic. It might look cute for a photo-op but it’ll be less cute when you’re having a dolphin looking straight into your soul like Meghan from Bridesmaids.
  • Avoid rails in general, you’re either headed overboard or onto a lower deck, neither of which are safe.
  • Treat valuables as you would in a hotel, keep them hidden or better yet leave them at home.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash.
  • Do not give out personal info and be vary of scams, if it is too good to be true it probably is.
  • Do not wander into prohibited or dark areas, especially alone.
  • Pay attention to the arrival and departure schedules at different ports and return to the ship at the designated time.

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